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Driftsand---Tui-IllustrationWelcome to the Tui Room. We have a large number of Tui resident to the property and you will be treated to their harmony of songs throughout the day as they go about their business collecting nectar. If you sit in the chair by the window you can look out at the bottle brush tree, which is a favourite of the Tui, to catch an up close glimpse of one of New Zealand’s beautiful native birds.

The Tui Room has been given the ultimate plumage with its renovation capturing only the finest materials, combined with coastal décor, and a plush luxury sleepyhead king bed. Equipped with a modern kitchenette, opulent bathroom that includes a stone soak bath and walk-in rainhead shower, it is perfect for the corporate business traveller or that romantic weekend away right on Ohope Beach.

The perfect location to just live out the Driftsand mantra –  rest | relax | rewind

Tui's Luxury Plush King Bed Tui's Kitchenette and Dining Area Tui's Stone Soak Bath

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