Morepork Room

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Welcome to the Morepork Room. A true bird of the evening with its call being heard often from the bush behind us, and occasionally one will even come down and sit just outside this room. The Morepork enjoys having a comfortable place to tuck away during the day and so we have taken that lead when designing the Morepork Room with enough luxury to make you feel at home away from home but not too much to cause fuss.

Modern conveniences combined with coastal décor, a plush luxury sleepyhead king bed, a modern kitchenette, opulent bathroom that includes a stone soak bath, and walk-in rainhead shower, it is probably a bit better than the Morepork’s day time retreat. Please enjoy the Morepork Room whilst you rest, relax, and rewind.

Morepork's Luxury Plush King Bed Morepork Seating & Lounge Area Morepork Kitchenette Morepork's Stone Soak Bath

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